Gaelbhratach Flag Raised

Coláiste na Mí’s Gaelbhratach team have literally raised the flag once more for their efforts in the promotion of the Irish Language.  Towards the end of the last academic year CNM’s Gaelbhratach team were presented with their second flag for the activities and initiatives in Irish. This was the second consecutive year they were recognised. 

It was a very successful year for the team who strove to promote the Irish language as much as possible around the school campus.  Gaelbhratach is a programme in which schools around Ireland take part to increase both awareness and involvement in the Irish language. The goal is to promote our native language, Irish. Our school has done some super work in an effort to not only show that learning Irish has educational benefits but can also involve some fun too. We did multiple Irish activities around the school like making posters to promote it, having sheets with simple Irish phrases in each class, céilí, an Irish club, and much more.

A few of the big activities we did during the year included comhrá’18, dúshlán and lastly, seachtain na gaeilge.

Comhrá’18 was a 172 hour livestream that had schools and colleges all around the country speaking Irish for an hour at a time. Our school was the second last school in the livestream. It won a world record for the longest Irish livestream. During this livestream, we asked each other Irish questions and played Irish monopoly. It had students from each year partaking and even had some teachers too.

Dúshlán was a set of challenges that students in groups of 3 had to complete in 72 hours. It helped promote Irish not just in the school but in the wider community as well. There were 30 challenges to complete from a wide range of activities. Some examples of challenges were dubbing a movie scene in Irish and teaching a random person 5 Irish phrases. There were over 100 groups around the country competing to win.

Seachtain na Gaeilge was a big event for Coláiste na Mí and for the Irish language as a whole. We had many activities around the school like a Céilí Mór with the first years and a poster competition. We also had a seanfocal an lae that were very interesting. There were also activities all around the country to get involved in.

With the many activities that the Gaelbhratach team and Coláiste na Mí as a whole took part in, to promoted the lrish language publicly, we achieved the Gaelbhratach flag.  This flag was raised outside the school today.  Congratulations the Gaelbhratach team, Iníon Shea and the Irish Department for all their hard work on this and in the promotion of Irish around the school.  Well done and keep up the great work!!

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