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The History of Coláiste na Mí
Coláiste na Mí is a relatively new start-up school which opened its doors for the first time on 23rd August 2013, with 85 first year students under the direction of the then Co. Meath VEC and following the leadership of its newly appointed Principal Ms Justine Hughes.
The official handover of Phase 1 of Coláiste na Mí to LMETB took place on 16th January 2014. Immediately after the ceremony, Principal Justine Hughes led her staff and students on the historical walk to their brand new state of the art building which is located on the Johnstown Educational Campus, Johnstown, Navan, Co. Meath.

Phase 1 of the building has a capacity for 350 students.
Phase 2 of the building (currently at planning stage) will have a capacity for a further 650 students.

School Culture and Ethos
Coláiste na Mí is a child-centred, supportive learning environment where each student is encouraged and facilitated in realising their full potential in a positive climate which is caring, respectful, fair, and inclusive.
The school community of Coláiste na Mí is a partnership of students, staff, parents and all members of our community. The promotion of personal development and learning through hard work, creativity and commitment is a priority in our school.
Our philosophy is focussed on supporting and encouraging students in every aspect of their lives, nurturing them into well rounded young adults who will go forward and embrace life with confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of justice.

Coláiste na Mí Nine Values
Our Priority at Coláiste Na Mí is to ensure a safe, positive and supportive learning environment for all our students. We consider each student to be unique in personality and in spirit. Therefore giving praise and rewarding students for good manners, citizenship, improvement, effort and success where appropriate, forms the basis of our approach to positive discipline in the school. From their first day in Coláiste na Mí the students quickly become immersed in the culture, ethos and value system of our school.
We are proud to say that the first students and teachers of Coláiste na Mí worked together following the opening of the school in August 2013, to choose the 9 values for our school. The nine values are intrinsically linked to our school crest which has its origin in Celtic mythology and in particular ‘Boann’ Goddess of the Boyne.
Our crest depicts nine hazel trees which surround the well of knowledge and according to legend these hazels contain the key to knowledge and wisdom. Our Crest bears the logo ‘Tobar an Eolais’ (well of knowledge). All members of the school community of Coláiste na Mí are encouraged to seek knowledge and wisdom in all aspects of their lives.
The Coláiste na Mí nine values are the foundations on which our school culture is built. Every member of our school community is expected to support these nine values for our Coláiste.

Coláiste na Mí Nine Values:

  1. Respect  
  2. Justice
  3. Integrity
  4. Honesty
  5. Saothar
  6. Kindness
  7. Honour
  8. Teamwork
  9. Responsibility

Gaeilge at Coláiste na Mí
Coláiste na Mí aims to encourage the use of the Irish language at all times during the school day. We feel that it is incumbent upon us as teachers to foster and develop a love of the Irish language in our students. In this regard, some staff members have chosen to have their names ’as gaeilge’. The students address all staff using Iníon and Maístir. All staff aim to address the students ‘as gaeilge’ whenever possible. During our daily Tionól(assembly) staff members use some gaeilge where appropriate and encourage students to respond in Irish if possible.

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