Physics is the branch of science that studies matter, energy and the relationship between them. Understanding the laws of Physics gives us a better view of the world we live in. Leaving Cert Physics is the most mathematical of the sciences, with many exam questions requiring you to solve a problem using learnt formulas.

There are 6 main topics covered in this course.

1. Optics and Waves (Light and Sound)

2. Mechanics (Speed, Acceleration, Gravity, Forces)

3. Heat and Temperature

4. Electricity and Magnetism (Static electricity, Circuits, Electricity and magnetism, AC & DC currents)

5. Modern Physics (X-rays, Nuclear reactions, Radioactivity)

6. Particle Physics (Details of the discovery of subatomic particles)


Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Physics

Physics is a requirement for entry into a number of third level courses and is useful for careers including finance, statistics, engineering, applied physics and computer science.

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