Leaving Cert Chemistry builds on the foundations of the Chemistry section of Junior Cycle Science. So if you found that easy, this could be a good subject for you.

The course includes 28 mandatory practical experiments which must be completed in the lab, as well as a written paper including questions on these experiments and examining the theory and applications of chemistry.

The course is made up of 11 key areas.

1. Periodic Table and Atomic Structure

2. Chemical Bonding

3. Stoichiometry, Formulas and Equations

4. Volumetric Analysis

5. Fuels and Heats of Reaction

6. Rates of Reaction

7. Organic Chemistry

8. Chemical Equilibrium

9. Environmental Chemistry: Water

10. Option 1: 1A: Additional Industrial Chemistry 1B: Atmospheric Chemistry

11. Option 2: 2A: Materials 2B: Additional Electrochemistry and the Extraction of Metal


Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Chemistry

Any Science based course: Applied Chemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Medicine, Pharmacology, or Material Science.

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