Music is a very popular subject at Junior Cycle level. Students learn a range of skills that can transfer across subjects such as listening, analysis, self-confidence and technology skills. All incoming first years will do a 2-week taster of Music at the start of the year and choose their subjects in October.

Junior Cycle music can be broken into 3 strands: Performance, Listening and Composing.


  • As part of their performance strand, students will learn how to play the ukulele and get the chance to try other instruments.
  • They will have a CBA task and practical exam worth 30% in 3rd year connected to performance.
  • They will learn how to conduct a group
  • Students will regularly partake in class performances as groups.


  • As part of their listening strand students learn how to analyze music through listening.
  • They will learn about the effect's music can have on our wellbeing.
  • They will learn about the different elements that make music.
  • They will learn how to identify different instruments through listening.
  • They will listen to a range of music from different genres, countries and eras throughout history and learn how to discuss and comment on these styles.


  • As part of their composition strand students will learn how to read and write music.
  • Students will have CBA task in 2nd year based on composing.
  • Students will learn how to use Garage band, composing and arranging different songs on their iPad.
  • Students will learn how to create graphic scores.

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