The new Junior Cycle P.E. (J.C.P.E.) programme was introduced for first year students in the academic year 2019/2020. This 100 hour short course builds on the J.C.P.E. Framework which P.E. teachers currently use to plan their P.E. programme in Junior Cycle.  

In this common level course, there are four strands, each one focusing on learning in different physical activity areas:

  • Strand 1: Physical Activity for Health & Wellbeing. 
    Wellbeing in Junior Cycle is about young people feeling confident, happy, healthy and connected. This short course in P.E. contributes to the Wellbeing programme by supporting students in being better able and more motivated to include regular physical activity in their lives, thereby contributing to their overall experience of wellbeing. Students will create and participate in personalised fitness and training routines to help them to improve their physical fitness. 
  • Strand 2: Games.
    Students will learn about and participate in sports and games of all kinds, from Invasion Games (e.g. GAA, soccer, basketball etc.), Net Games (e.g. Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton etc.) to Striking & Fielding Games (e.g. Rounders, Cricket etc.). Students will learn how to perform basic technical skills, tactics and etiquette from each of these games.
  • Strand 3: Individual & Team Challenges.
    Students will develop their problem-solving skills by engaging in both individual and team challenges throughout their short course. 
  • Strand 4: Dance & Gymnastics.
    Students will learn about and participate in both indivisual and group routines, while learning to appreciate the physical aesthetics expressed through the use of Laban's actions, levels and synchrony in Dance & Gymnastics. 
  • Assessment: The new Junior Cycle P.E. course includes a mixture of formative and summative assessment, comprising:
    • Ongoing assessment across the three years of Junior Cycle.
    • Two Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) in second and third year.

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