In Junior Cycle Irish, students are encouraged use language effectively and confidently, both personally and in communicating with other users in the language community, appreciate Irish and have a desire both to speak it and use it and engage with a wide range of texts in various ways.

 The three strands are:

  • Communicative competence
  • Learner’s self- awareness and language
  • Cultural awareness.

Through first to third year, students study a variety of short films, short stories, poetry, songs, dramas and a novel.

CBA 1 is a language portfolio. Students show evidence of their learning over the 3 year period and submit 3 items of work of their choice with one being a sound/video file.

CBA 2 is a communicative task. This gives students the opportunity to choose a subject, topic or issue in which they are interested or is important to them, and explore it over a period of time. In this task, strong emphasis is placed on the student’s oral and interactive skills and on their connection to other language users. In completing the task, students may use any one of the following formats: presentation, interview, role play, drama or conversation in response to stimulus material. Students may work individually, in pairs or in groups.

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