Careers Guidance

The aim of the Guidance and Counselling programme is to help students to develop an awareness and acceptance of their talents and abilities, to explore opportunities and to make informed choices about their lives. It also aims to provide support to all students in a caring and kind manner. We recognise the importance of guidance and counselling in enabling each student to gain maximum benefit from the education system. Guidance is regarded as a whole school activity and one to which all members of the school community facilitate and contribute. The delivery of a comprehensive Guidance Programme is the responsibility of the Guidance Counsellors but a whole school approach is essential to realise this objective.

Guidance is provided within formal and informal structures to all classes in the school.. All senior classes are timetabled for one class each week and have access to individual career and personal counselling through the appointment/referral system. Our school Guidance Counsellors are  Iníon Shore & Iníon Clinton

Educational Guidance

This area of Guidance recognises students’ different learning abilities and their inherent talents. Each student is encouraged to optimise their learning skills. This involves –

  1. Helping students with choices as with subjects, courses and levels,
  2. Aiding motivation and management learning,
  3. Showing students how to use available resources, study skills and exam techniques,
  4. Demonstrating how to use computer aided research.

Career and Vocational Guidance

This area of Guidance helps students to identify career and vocational goals by developing their self-analysis skills and sourcing and managing career information. This involves –

  1. Having an understanding of the pathways into higher education,
  2. Making and carrying out appropriate life choices and plans,

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